Our church is a diverse group of ordinary people, trusting and following someone extraordinary – Jesus Christ. A record of Jesus’ life in the Bible starts: “The beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Those words are true, and we don’t want to miss out on good news! 


We’re grateful to live in or near Brampton – a small but thriving market town with a great community spirit. We hope to serve the local community and help it to be an even better place to live. 


Whether you’re a Christian or unsure what you believe, wanting to look at Christianity or thinking of re-kindling a previously held faith, or even think you could never follow Jesus – whatever you believe you’re welcome to come along and join with us, since we believe the good news is for everyone! 


So if you live in Brampton or the surrounding villages and are looking for a place to meet Christians and discover more about Jesus you’re in the right place. And if you’re just visiting or on holiday in the area – we hope you enjoy it because we do – you’re also welcome to join us to worship Jesus. 


We meet in the centre of Brampton every Sunday morning at 11am. This site also tells you about other things going on. If you have any questions or want to know more, please  EMAIL  or call us on 07432 117993.


Pastor Huw Iley

07432 117993 






Main Street



CA8 1SH 



Sunday 11am


We meet in our church building in the centre of Brampton every Sunday morning. Each time we meet there is a mix of ages and backgrounds. Most are Christians, but we love to welcome people who are unsure what they believe, exploring Christianity, thinking of re-kindling a previously held faith, or think they could never follow Jesus! So whatever you believe, you are welcome to come along. 




Our main service, with a creche and groups for children. 


We spend time listening to what the Bible says, because it is God’s Word and we need to hear what he has to say! We pray, because God is kind enough to listen and respond, and we sing worship songs (using both older hymns and modern worship songs) because God is magnificent. Following our services, we love to stay and chat with each other over a mug of tea or coffee. About once a month we stay on and have lunch together, before finding a play area for the kids, or somewhere nice for a walk. 


On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate communion.  


But we understand that you may have questions about what it’s like. Click  here for our Sunday morning FAQ 




We usually meet in smaller groups on Tuesdays at 1:45pm and 7:45pm, for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. Please call or email us to find the venue for our next meeting.  



Meet up to share sewing, mending and other crafting skills. Whether you want to learn new skills or share your skills, this is a chance to get together with others and make & mend. (Please use the side entrance.)  



A great opportunity for young tots to come and play together in a safe environment with loads of great toys. It’s also an opportunity for parents and carers to meet and chat together over a tea or coffee. Mums, Dads, Grandparents and childminders are all welcome! (Please use the side entrance.)  



Young people connected to churches, in Brampton and the surrounding area, have a brilliant opportunity to meet monthly, on Friday evenings. Please contact us for more information.  



An informal opportunity to explore more about Jesus. A weekly small group meeting, where we watch a DVD for 15 mins, discuss part of Mark’s Gospel (one of the four accounts of Jesus’ life in the Bible), and chat about any questions or ideas that people have. Anyone is very welcome, whatever they believe. The course normally lasts for around 7 weeks. And includes a brew and a biscuit! We don’t sing, pray out loud or ask people to do anything ‘religious’! Feel free to come along and see if it helps you. 


Please keep an eye on the website, or contact us, to find out about the next course.


The God who made this universe must be intelligent, powerful and wise. Thankfully, he’s also a communicator. He sent Jesus, so we could know what he is like, and he’s given us the Bible, his written word for all people and all time. But he is even better than that! He made us humans unique, in his image. And even though we have often pushed him away, choosing to live our life our way, dishonouring him and often damaging other people and even ourselves in the process, he is still reaching out to us. His Son Jesus came to reconnect us with him. That’s what his death on a cross 2,000 years ago was about. Jesus rose again, he is alive today, and he is offering us real life: that’s knowing God now, and looking forward to being with him forever! 


If you’re unsure but intrigued by this, why not find out more? Come along on a Sunday, join a Christianity Explored group, or ask us for a Bible and we’ll give one to you! 


If you know this is true, why not come along and celebrate with us this Sunday morning. And if you’re not part of another church already, why not join us, as Christians are meant to be in community, not lone rangers! 


If you would like to read our more formal statement of beliefs, you can find it  HERE .